• CLS360 and Lysander Consulting Group warmly invite you to

    Evidence-based Leadership:
    How Leader's Brains Limit
    Their Effectiveness

    A fascinating presentation by one of Europe's leading
    evidence-based leadership development
    practitioners and authors — Patrick Vermeren.
    THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2014
    Light Breakfast from 7:00am. Presentation 7:30-9:00am
    Vibe Savoy Hotel Melbourne
    630 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
    RSVP by 15 August
    to quentin@cls360.com
    or danieladaway@lysander.com.au

    This event is also being run in Sydney. Contact organisers for details or click here.

What if you discovered

In this presentation, Patrick Vermeren will

  • Discuss the three bases of information leaders use to make decisions and why two of them are often flawed
  • Introduce the brain's key biases and explain how leaders are misled by their own thinking
  • Show how leaders can improve their effectiveness by adopting techniques to overcome these biases
  • Challenge a number of popular leadership practices that lack evidence for their effectiveness:
    • Annual performance reviews
    • Pay for performance
    • Forced ranking or 'rank and yank'
    • The use of some personality tests and other non-evidence-based surveys
  • Define evidence-based leadership practice

About the Presenter

Patrick Vermeren is an author and coaching HR professional based in Antwerp, Belgium. Committed to evidence-based leadership and HR practice, he specialises in leadership development, individual coaching, and group facilitation. Early in his career as an executive in the banking and automotive industries, he developed a passion for learning and science, with particular interest in psychology, behavioural biology, and neurobiology.

Patrick has authored many books, journal articles, and magazine pieces. His books include:

  • Rond Leiderschap. De brug tussen wetenschap en praktijk (Dutch). Around Leadership. Bridging the scientist-practitioner gap (English; published by Around Publishing, Melbourne, Australia; info@aroundpublishing.com).
  • De HR-ballon. 10 populaire praktijken doorprikt (Dutch). [The HR-balloon. 10 popular practices punctured]
  • Anders Leiden (Dutch). [Leading Differently]
  • Rond Communicatie. De mens als social dier (Dutch). [Around Communication. Man as a social animal]

Patrick was the primary driver behind the development of The Leadership Circumplex and the Circumplex Leadership Scan 360° (CLS360). The research on the CLS360 as an evidence-based leadership interpersonal circumplex test is the first to be published in an A1 journal.

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He is the president of the Belgian/Dutch not-for-profit organisation 'Evidence Based HRM', and an active member of Skepp vzw (Sceptic). His most recent critique (on Jungian typologies and the MBTI) can be found at: Evidence Based HRM: Critique - Jungian typologies http://evidencebasedhrm.be/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Vermeren _mythes_typology_Jung_English_22052014.pdf

Official launch of the English edition
of Around Leadership …

"This book is a theoretical and practical handbook for leaders."

"After years of intensive literature review, Patrick Vermeren builds the much-needed bridge between the two worlds of academia and the real world. In a smooth, highly entertaining, and scientifically sound manner, he communicates knowledge through this book that will excite both consultants and academics. What is a good leadership style? How do executives key in on employee motivation? These are the central questions in the book that will no doubt be a source of inspiration for managers who want to optimise their leadership style."

Professor Maarten Vansteenkiste

Motivation Psychology, Ghent University

To order a copy of Around Leadership, email info@aroundpublishing.com