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    A fascinating presentation by one of
    Europe's leading evidence-based HR
    practitioners and authors, Patrick Vermeren.
    TUESDAY 25th AUGUST 2015
    Light Breakfast from 7:00am. Presentation 7:00-9:00am
    Boardroom of Centre for Corporate Health
    Level 5, 68 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000
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    This event is also being run in Melbourne. Contact organisers for details or click here.

What if you discovered

In this presentation, Patrick Vermeren will

  • Outline a set of simple rules that can be used to make a quick assessment of HR theories, models, and surveys
  • Present a comprehensive framework that maps the evidence-based status of current HR practices
  • Review which HR practices are evidence based and which are not
  • Challenge many popular - but not evidence based - HR practices, including:
    • The 70:20:10 rule
    • MBTI
    • Individual performance goals

About the Presenter

Patrick Vermeren is an HR professional who is fully committed to evidence-based HR. Patrick started his career as an executive in the banking and automotive industries. He developed a passion for learning and science, with particular interest in psychology, behavioural biology, and neurobiology. It was this passion and his commitment to only using evidence-based surveys in his consulting practice that drove him to develop the Leadership Circumplex and its associated survey, the Circumplex Leadership Scan 360° (CLS360).

Based on the clear vision that reliable knowledge should be shared as much as possible, he has published:

  • Around Leadership: Bridging the Scientist-Practitioner Gap (third edition 2014)
  • De HR-ballon: 10 populaire praktijken doorprikt (Dutch). [The HR Balloon: 10 Popular Practices Punctured; third revised edition 2009]
  • Anders Leiden (Dutch). [Leading Differently; 2009]
  • Rond Communicatie, De mens als social dier (Dutch). [Around Communication: Man as a Social Animal; 2013]

He is the president of the Belgian organisation Evidence-based HRM.

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